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L-System geometry node group for Blender 3.1

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L-System node group for Blender 3.1

Contains three blend files:

A base setup and two examples.

Useful for procedural plants and trees.

How to use:

  1. Append the node group "Drips_Lsystem" into your current project (File > Append > ...\baseSetup.blend\NodeTree\Drips_Lsystem)
  2. Add geometry nodes to your object and add Group > "Drips_Lsystem" to your node tree

The node group outputs a curve object, the factor of the curve in a 0-1 range (useful for thickness) and endpoint selection (useful for instancing objects at the end of the curve).

I've limited the amount of total iterations to 12.

It is very easy to expand the iterations by entering the node group and add them yourself. Simply copy my setup for an iteration. 

But be careful: High iterations might slow down your computer significantly!

Only for Blender 3.1 and up!

Update 01:

  • Added possibility to add slack to branches. The slider "slack depend on angle" changes the influence of the branch angle for the slack: vertical branches have less slack than horizontal ones
  • Added possibility to change height of the stem.
  • Better algorithm for noise distortion.
  • Changed build in iterations to 12.
  • Added new scene "example2.blend".
  • Minor optimizations and renaming.


This work is licensed under the terms of the General Asset License

Version 1.0. If a copy of the GAL was not distributed with this work,

it can be obtained at

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L-System geometry node group for Blender 3.1

48 ratings
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