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DripsNPR Nodes

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Introducing the updated NPR Shader package! 

Includes 9 highly adjustable Shader Node Groups, over 40 Materials Presets and a completely procedural Outline Geometry Node Group.

DripsNPR Nodes is a collection of tools that let you create amazing non-photorealistic renders in Eevee.

This package is highly modular and flexible, and offers some cool features not seen in any other package.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, this package is perfect for creating stunning NPR renderings. 

You will get 9 powerful shader node groups, over 40 material presets, an outline geometry node group and a documentation to help you get started.

DripsNPR Nodes is set up as an asset library, so you can easily browse and apply the shaders to your objects in all your projects.

See documentation for full information!


This package is designed for Eevee! The shader nodes may not work well in Cycles, because they rely on the “Shader to RGB” node that is not supported in Cycles. I have made a node group to simulate lighting in Cycles, but it is not perfect by any means!

A basic understanding on how to work with shader nodes is required.

Shader Node Groups:

  • Dots

  • Lines

  • Dither

  • Stipple

  • Hatching

  • Engraved

  • Painterly

  • Color Split


Geometry Node Group:

  • Outline

Material Presets:

How to set up:

See documentation for full information!

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DripsNPR Nodes

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