Hex Node Pro for Blender 2.8

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Hex Node Pro for Blender 2.8

5 ratings

With this shader pack you get four highly customizable, fully procedural nodegroups to create hexagon patterns.

With version 03 even rounded hexagons are supported.

The nodes include indexed hexagonal UVs, wich are very usefull for various effects. This way you can adress each cell individually.

Included are four procedural texture nodegroups:

1. simple hex - for basic hexagon patterns

2. distorted hex - for complex organic hexagon patterns with distortion and noise per cell already set up

3. simple hex rounded - similar to "simple hex" but with adjustable rounded corners

4.distorted hex rounded - similr to "distorted hex" but with adjustable rounded corners

Also included are 7 basic shaders with simple explanation/documentation and 6 more complex shaders (some animated) to show you what is possible.

Update 02:

Added a roundedHexGradient nodegroup to make hexagons with rounded corners.

Update 03:

- Optimized the overall node layout

- Integrated the rounded hexagon texture into two new nodegroups.

- Created a additional cobblestone shader to show the possibilities with the rounded hex node.

- Created a new file (example_cobblestone.blend) to show what is possible with the cycles renderer and geometry displacement.

- Added optimized versions for blender 2.81.


Works with Eevee and Cycles in Blender 2.8

I want this!


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