TileNoise Shader for Blender 2.81

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Packs tiles of different sizes on 2d-texture-coordinates

There are 5 different nodegroups from level 2 to 6.


- "Vector": the shader needs a texture-coordinate as input to work

- "Scale" defines the overall size of the pattern

- "Threshold" defines the ratio between large and small tiles

- "TileSize" shifts the output value in positive or negatie direction. Use this to scale the tiles if you want to use the "valueCorrected"-output for uniformly sized gaps between the tiles

- "W" shifts the pattern in its 3rd dimension. Use this to animate the pattern or to eliminate possible glitches.


- "Value" gives a square shape as output. If the value for "TileSize" is 1, the value of this shape is exactly 0 at its center and 1 at the border.

- "ValueCorrected" is similar to the "Value"-output. When altering the value for "TileSize", it scales relative to the scale of the square. This way, we can achieve uniformly sized gaps between all tiles.

- "UV" gives us a coordinate-space for each cell/square

- "UV-Index" gives us an individual value for each cell/square. Use this for example with a noise-texture, to give each cell a random value.


- This shader only works correctly in 2d-space. You can use it on 3d-objects if you use uv-coordinates or similar.

- Sometimes the shader appears to not work correctly. If so, try playing with the "W"-value wich actually is meant for animating the pattern (it shifts the coordinates in the 3rd dimension). Glitches might happen if the pattern is accidentally stuck between two stages. This often happens on whole numbers.

- "UV-Index"-output has problems with white noise. I am not exactly shure what causes it. When i find the solution, i will fix it.

Needs Blender version 2.81 or never

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TileNoise Shader for Blender 2.81

15 ratings
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